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Closed Bug report #115 High Priests and Reflect Gears
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To follow up on my previous report, this topic will be about high priests with a similar bug. I've encountered a priest in WoE who literally killed me by spamming safety wall. I figured that this is a major bug because reflect gears as of this moment is not working as intended and it is tipping the balance of the game. So I decided to perform tests with some of my friends, and here is the result

In the screenshot, my priest wore an orc lord card compounded on a valkyrie armor. I then casted safety wall on where I stood and had a friend of mine spam Brandish Spear, a melee physical skill. It is revealed that even though safety wall completely blocked his damage, he was still receiving reflect as if his skill landed on me.

That is all I have to report, if you have any questions regarding my reports you can PM me on Worst Behavior or Kehlani.


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Dec 07, 2016 - 05:52


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