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Open Bug report #220 Quest "Blood will Have Blood" won't start because the NPC with the letter doesnt show up
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I've done the prerequisites a while ago.
Today, on my char BolivianSinX I did first the "Grab yer Sealegs!" quest, and before finishing it: "The Nightmare Within". Once I finished both, I tried to start "Blood will Have Blood", but I couldn't. The NPC that gives you Anacletus' Letter wouldn't show up. I thought there wouldn't be any issues since all the quests are independent from each other since each one has their own NPCs.
I tried skipping steps (like talking with Monk Jungney) but it didn't work either, the quest wasn't started at all (and it won't until that NPC shows up and gives me the letter).

Steps to reproduce this issue

1) Finish prerequisites (Shadow of the Raven), I've even done several Fluffy instances in the past.
2) Start "Grab yer Sealegs!"
3) Before going to the library for "Grab yer Sealegs!" progression, start and finish "The Nightmare Within"
4) Finish "Grab yer Sealegs!"

Comments (5)
user-offline.png  [Admin] Phoenix
Feb 25, 2017 - 20:21

Confirmed. Walked several players through this quest. Needs to be edited so the letter is just given on the completion of the Shadow of the Raven quest to avoid this issue.

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