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Closed Bug report #317 bug report for tailoring
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First of all sorry for my english,
Then lets start, im a mobille user and i just started tailoring a while ago and im stack in beginner level. But thats not the problem, the problem are the reason why im stack there.
1. very low exp ( not the real issue but a little bit)
2. When im crafting, it happen a lot of time it doesn't give anything; what i mean is not the failure chances because the failure chance give exp but not the item right? The big problem is bug that it dosnt give anything even exp or item and the materials are gone. And it happens a lot of time.
Note: im not using any card that lose hp/sp like samurai card if im not mistaken with the name of that card. I dont have a carded equipments because im a new player.

Thats all thank you.

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user-offline.png  Eir/cFusion
Aug 31, 2017 - 06:48

Hi, as I checked it is working as intended. The reason why there's no signs of Exp Increase is because there's no such thing as Tailoring Exp.

The tailor leveling system works in a way that in every crafting done(failed or not) it generates a random chance to level up your tailoring skill(not add up exp for accumulation). The type of item crafted seemed to affect this chance as well.

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