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Open Bug report #333 Instance for Bakonawa Has Incorrect @timers Info for Party Members
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Joining a party to defeat Bakonawa does not properly register the cool-down time in @timers for party member(s); only the party leader has the correct @timers info for the instance.

Steps to reproduce this issue

1) Join a party for Bakonawa MVP instance (be a member).
2) Defeat and complete instance.
3) Observer @timers info for both Party Leader (PL) and Members; notice that the cool down time is only shown correctly for the PL and members shows as "Available"
4) Checking: Previous party members with "Available" instance @timers for Bakonawa from step#1 create a new party and invite other members. Notice when talking with NPC Taho, the character is unable to instantiate and enter the new instance.

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