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Closed Bug report #87 Topaz Ring Bugged on Brandish Spear
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icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Fixed" and resolution "Not determined".

Hello there, i was testing on ways to survive LK's Since LK's are very over powered now so i tried topaz ring because its effect is chance to cast safety wall when attacked physically and BRANDISH Spear is a physical attack and no matter how you tried it, it still wont cast Safety wall and then we tried the Lk's skill Bowling Bash and yeah the effect of the topaz ring is on effect it cast safety wall. so in short...

Brandish spear - Topaz ring wont cast safety wall
Bowling bash - Topaz Ring cast safety wall

Steps to reproduce this issue


the priest will be the one taking the damage so duel each other, make sure that the Priest is wearing Ghost armor and cranial shield and has an amount of life and priest should keep healing so that the priest wont die and the LK should use the neutral element also because its just a test to spam the skills of LK on the priest

LK use brandish Spear - you will notice it wont cast safety wall no matter how many spams of brandish you do
Lk uses bowling bash - you will notice that the priest cast safety wall as an effect of the Topaz Ring

PS: Topaz Ring effect is chance to cast safety wall when hit with physical damage.

Comments (2)
user-offline.png  Loki/bored knight
Nov 02, 2016 - 06:37

Have u tried it with other physical skills like asura, could be that by physical they mean melee attacks not skill (rip)

user-offline.png  Loki/Herme
icon_reply.pngNov 06, 03:57, in reply to comment #1

'''Loki/bored knight wrote:'''

Have u tried it with other physical skills like asura, could be that by
physical they mean melee attacks not skill (rip)

Your understanding is RIP... bowling bash is a skill and topaz ring cast safety wall... all melee and melee skill should have a effect on topaz ring... but in BS it does not cast safety wall, RIP yourself and understand the situation.

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