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Open Bug report #94 Chaser of the Sun. Acele does not show up after Mvps are Killed.
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A player came to help desk and explained that this NPC Acele is supposed to show up in Glastheim Past map at cord (241, 291) but did not show up for the player in question, due to another group also attempting to do the quest but by kill stealing this player's hatii and skoll.

I had the player submit a support ticket in order to receive his item until we can fix the quest: Ticket# WXS-586-28827

Suggestion: Make the quest instanced similar to this quest:

Steps to reproduce this issue

Complete Steps up to 11 is as said. At 12 there is a choice, he chose to let her stay in ghp

At 13 is when the other group was kill stealing the mvp of the player that got bugged.

At 15b & 16b is when Acele does not appear.

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  Loki/macabredemon
Nov 08, 2016 - 12:22

I just found out a fix for this.

After finishing the quest and Acele is invisible, simply try to go next to her and go to Character Select and relog.

Acele will be there abd Rerir will not be. I hope this could help resolve this issue and the others taking the quest!

Please feel free to msg me if you have any questions.

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